It's Always The Quiet Ones...

Ohh I have been waiting for this for such a long time!! Now I can finally say: Ding dong the witch is dead!!

… On Game of Thrones

Now if only I could say the same thing about Once Upon a Time…


Also, I may ship Captain Swan. And now I might be dead. I might be writing from the afterlife. I AM NOT OKAY. Is there a support group for this? How do people do this? I was just a casual watcher/shipper up until season 3B. Why oh why did I ever decided to care?

I thought the Purple Wedding would be just the right pick-me-up but no, didn’t work.

Seriously, sometimes I wish everyone who says, “I’m so done with this show”  actually went through with it. Please, by all means, be done with it and let the rest of us enjoy the show without having to read all your hate two hours later. You don’t like a pairing, a plot twist? Fine, but why hate on the people who do? Different strokes, folks. I guess it’s my fault for going into tumblr…

And I am not mentioning specifics. This happens in every single show/webseries I follow.


So, I really felt sorry for the Swanfire shippers last night. I mean, I liked Neal and I didn’t want him gone, even if I didn’t want him with Emma. I felt sorry but I didn’t really understand their pain.

And then the HIMYM finale happened.

Now that I got that off my chest, I’ll do it again, but this time with my shipping googles on


I just went through the barneyxrobin tag and guys I AM NOT OKAY. I am actually crying. They were soulmates! They gave me hope that there is someone out there that can and will love you with all your baggage and your issues and will stick by you. And now I’m supposed to believe that everything they went through didn’t matter in the end? And I would even feel less cheated if they had moved on with other people but to go back to Ted? no, no that’s just cheap. I want to believe that Barney’s development took the writers by surprise, which would make sense if they planned for his daughter to be the one to change him at the end, instead of the gradual growth he went through with Robin. But they can’t ignore nine seasons of development just because the characters took different paths than the ones they were expecting.

I choose to ignore this episode even happened. Denial is a powerful thing.

Other ships don’t fail me now, take me to the finish line, oh my heart it breaks every step that I take but I’m hoping at the end one of my OTPs will work out…

Ok, that was literally everything I DIDN’T want in an HIMYM episode. Personal opinion, fine if you liked it, but IMO it undermined all the character development Ted went through, all the growth that led him to meet the mother. It undermined Barney’s journey into real adulthood and emotional maturity. Robin’s journey… I can’t even talk about it. Not once in the past nine seasons did they make me believe she was the right girl for Ted. When she was with him she kept trying to be someone she wasn’t. Marshall and Lily were the only saving grace. But I thought this was supposed to be realistic? Well, guess what. People don’t stay the same through the years. People evolve, change, and you can never go back to the person you once where because that is what growth is for. Clearly I was not watching the show I thought I was watching.

I just needed to get that off my chest. I honestly feel betrayed. Again this is just my personal opinion.

A part of me keeps hoping someone will scream APRIL FOOLS at me.

Basically my thoughts on tonight’s Game of Thrones

OMG Sansa, Tyrion is just so nice! Why don’t you want to please him? Why does it matter that his family wants to wipe out yours, or that his nephew and sister are guilty of your endless torture, or that they’ll make you a Lannister, or that they want to get the North through you? He’s so cool and funny, why don’t you want to sleep with him? OMFG sooo stupid! —> nhf this sexist shit. She owns him nothing. I could write on and on about this subject, but more eloquent people have done so, so go and look for some meta on this.

Jaime and Brienne give me all the feels, but I admit I missed the “I dreamed of you”. Just nitpicking, I know.

I guess Theon’s… you know… is confirmed then? could we just not see the torture scenes? Fine, we get it, it’s happening. I don’t need to see it every episode!

I wanted to scream to Dany, “Just take the damn ships!”

Yep that’s all.

I will suffer for my poor bb next episode, I know.

But I’m dying to watch the BEST ROADTRIP EVAH!

I was on board with this scene until the “You sound like a bloody woman” bit. Like, Brienne of all people saying the whining, crying and quitting belong to the female gender? Excuse me?

BTW the women in ASOIAF do NOT whine and cry and quit. Not one of them.

If someone says Sansa I’ll throttle them. I’m not even joking.

Sandor Clegane is 27-28 years old.


He is not in his forties, please. There is an alarming age difference between him and Sansa already, but he is young!

Reblogging ‘cause it can never be stressed enough times. He was 12 during the Sack of King’s Landing, and the beginning of GOT is set 14 years after that event. So he’s even younger, 26-27.


That proposal

I can’t breathe I’m actually sobbing I just…

PS 1: can Ted just be happy now?

PS 2: In the best Robin-to-Patrice voice “NOBODY ASKED YOU, MARSHALL!!”  What the hell dude? You were all “we think you’re kinda perfect for each other” a few seasons ago…


There! I fixed it!

and just like that, season 3 was vastly improved.


There! I fixed it!

and just like that, season 3 was vastly improved.